Recreating Popular YouTube Clips Seems Difficult

Recreating Popular YouTube Clips Seems Difficult

It looks so easy to make a viral YouTube clip, right? Wrong! On television show Itte Q, comedian Souichi Nakaoka recently tried his hand at doing just that.

So, here is the famous drill corn video:

And here is Nakaoka attempting to recreate it.

Here is a man hitting himself in the face 81 times in 15 seconds with a large ballon.

Once again, Nakaoka:

He did it 74 times. Not bad!

You've probably seen those fake bungee jump pranks, like this:

Nakaoka, it seems, also fell for the same prank:

Making funny YouTube clips ain't easy, folks! And neither is recreating them.

世界の果てまでイッテQ! [NTV]


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