So Far, E3's Dress Code Is A Little Too Casual This Year

So Far, E3's Dress Code Is a Little Too Casual This Year

The Electronic Entertainment Expo. The yearly event when millions of people turn their eyes to focus on video games. So why are the professionals unveiling their works to the world looking like they're dressed for a neighbour's barbecue? C'mon, folks.

Look, it's not that everyone has to do the suit-and-tie thing. But a boring, rumpled t-shirt for the resurrection of a cult favourite, Ken Lobb? Cargo shorts when you're trying to convince people of how awesome The Crew is, Julian Gerighty? Bad form. If you think your games look sharp, then you should, too.

So Far, E3's Dress Code Is a Little Too Casual This Year

Let's hope this gets better as the week goes on. Just look at Totilo. If he can do it, anyone can.

So Far, E3's Dress Code Is a Little Too Casual This Year


    I was more annoyed by the hand placements. Is everyone presenting at E3 a registered sex offender forced to do that by their parole officer?

    Meh, still better than EA's corporate uniform of jeans and suit jacket.

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    Ubisoft's conference the the best one for presentation in my opinion. Everyone was just calm and casual, some swore, clothing was casual. The other conferences were very formal up pretty straight to the point.

    Meh, you're lucky if you can get me to wear shoes in the Studio. The audience are often the same people as the presenters, cut from the same geek-shirt cloth so to speak.

    Isn't it about the games? Who gives a flying frenchman what the presenters are wearing?

      My thoughts exactly. I don't even give a shit what they look like, I don't even care about the people, I get super pissed off when they interrupt a gameplay demo to show you a motionless person, head cocked downward, twiddling a controller. I think: why the fuck do I wanna see this person!?

      Always feel like I can relate to someone dressed realistically. Maybe because I've always hated shirt/tie/suit myself. I see some cliched corporate guy standing there with a flashy smile and an expensive suit - he feels fake. Feel like I'm being spoken to by a salesman. Which I pretty much am, But I don't need to feel like that with video games. maybe when I buy a house or a car, but not for my favorite hobby.

    Long sleeve and shorts, Blasphemy and shaved legs lol wth

      Hahaha I hadn't noticed the shaved legs!

    Provided they adhere to public decency and aren't wearing pajamas, then it shouldn't really be an issue what they wear. This is a games expo not a financial conference, if everyone looked like that bottom picture I wouldn't take them seriously.

    I think this is fcking funny - nobody give a flying fck about what this kids are wearing, it's about the games. I think @michaelpachter said it best in one of his tweets - which seems to be deleted, but it essentially said that this 'observation' is quite rich coming from game journos that are often in t-shirts and hungover :P

    This isn't a fashion contest.

    I spent many, many years in the entertainment industry and I've seen pros and amateurs entertain on small and large scales and I can tell you that it barely matters what you wear. It's how you wear it, how you project and present yourself, it's about your presence and body language.

    That's the most frustrating element of these press conferences, seeing a bunch of fish out of water, thrust into the spotlight, awkwardly fumbling. At that point it doesn't matter if you're wearing tails and a top hat! Charisma is invisible, and you barely even know how it functions until you sense it's absence. Then you just end up with a bunch of people who's lips are saying "we're excited to show you our new game" but their demeanour screams: I DON'T BELONG HERE!

    Why no turtlenecks and berets??

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