‘The Game Still Needs A Lot Of Work’

That’s how one person who finally managed to get their hands on a working version of the mysterious fighting gameDeath Cargo described it in a note to me this morning. “It’s not too bad… like a buggy version of Mortal Kombat 1” is how another put it.

Questions of quality aside, it’s worth noting that a small number of the many people who’ve been contacting since I first went in search of Death Cargo are now starting to tell me that yes, they have managed to play the game. One player was able to provide footage, which I link to above.

Last week, I noted that I still haven’t been able to get into the game. Not much has changed since then on my end. But now that I’ve heard from several players affirming that it is available for them, I’m going to revisit the issue and will update my report if appropriate.


  • I’m glad you’re still pursuing this, because I’ve been on this rollercoaster ride since mid-april.
    The game is definitely real. It’s all made in Multimedia Fusion 2, has lots of bugs and glitches, characters with missing frames, DRM that requires you to send a code to support and wait for response, and it’s made by a company with one hell of a damage control procedure.

    Here’s my current two videos showing off the misc infinites and glitches. (There’s more in the description of the first video). Both NSFW due to gore, obviously:

    Part of their “Necrostorm Adv.” with random users showing off their packages on their forums, but refusing to show off physical-only rewards, and getting hostile when asked for confirmation:

    They deleted the actual thread with all of those images, as well as their early empty promises, possibly because people started to actually question them. Other people might have more pictures of the actual thread. All I have at the moment is a response by Necrostorm to my legitimate questions about their game balancing philosophy. (This got posted only moments before they deleted the entire “brawl chat”):

    The posting style, especially in the last few sentences, reminded me of a certain user in the SRK Death Cargo thread:

    About the quality of the game otherwise:
    – It runs at mostly 30-20 fps during actual fighting, only the menu seems to run at anything close to 60 on my i7 equipped computer.
    – The fighting feels like MK1 with 0 hitstop, moves that seem to come out within 2 or 3 frames at all times.
    – Mostly every character plays the same.
    – Jumping Medium attacks don’t have a hitbox.
    – CPU is dull, and never blocks on any difficulty and there is no controller customization.

    I think the best summary is that it plays like someone cobbled a bunch of admittedly decent assets into a KlikNPlay game.

    Oh, and it requires you to use the Indeo 5 codec to play any of the deathrips.

  • Yannick, I’ll give some credit where its due, this is the first investigative piece ive seen on Kotaku for a LONG time. Well done.

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