Watch Sailor Moon's New Art Style In Action

Watch Sailor Moon's New Art Style In Action

Check out the Sailor Moon remake's first trailer, which showcases the new controversial art style. What do you think?

Honestly, it still looks a little weird to me, but hey. It's still good ol' Sailor Moon. It's supposed to match the manga, and in that respect, it succeeds, so!

Watch Sailor Moon's New Art Style In Action


    I like the new art. It's closer to the manga and looks like modern day animation. This is how you do a retelling of a classic series (Dragon Ball Kai should take notes) but the only thing I'm disliking is the song in the trailer. I'm praying to all the anime gods that this is not the opening theme for the series. The old one is a classic, it doesn't need updating or replacing.

      But Dragon Ball Kai wasn't ever supposed to be a retelling or reboot. It was literally a recut, up-rezzed version of Z that cut the majority of the filler so that the story ran closer to the manga (the filler was only there in the first place ironically because the show kept overtaking Akira Toriyama's manga due to his slower output). Not really a fair comparison there.

    Don't understand how it could be 'controversial'. It looks like the manga and it looks like something animated this century with a fairly decent budget behind it. While it's a classic, the original Sailor Moon was animated cheaply on a small budget over twenty years ago, and the animation's dated terribly.

    Definitely not controversial, its more manga than anime but the difference is so slight I don't see how its an issue in the first place? Looks better imo

      I dunno, compare the header image here with a corresponding screenshot from the show:

      The difference is fairly significant, in that the new one looks miles better.

    How is this supposed to be controversial? Because it is well done? I remember clearly... what drove me away from Sailor Moon back in the day, was not the fact that it was very clearly aimed at girls, but rather the absolutely abysmal production values.

    Guys, guys. It's not controversial. Journalists just want it to be for 'good' article inserts. ;)

    OMG this is a travesty of the series, how dare they do this to a classic!! I am so angry right now I might just don my Sailor Mercury outfit and run around punching babies in the face!!

    Sorry...nobody was reflecting the controversy so I decided to play along

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