Where Is My Football Video Game That Looks Like *This*

Don't get me wrong, I like FIFA. I like traditional representations of football. But I also loved NBA Jam, and I'd really, really love to see a football game that looks like this incredible Nike ad for the World Cup.

There have been a number of games that attempted to create a more stylised 'fun' version of football, with trick systems and whatnot, but none have really succeeded. The FIFA Street series was decent, I remember playing a bit of that, but it's been a while and it's a concept that could do with a bit of reinvention.

Someone, please. Take the awesome Nike ad above and use it as a template. Let's get something like this on the go. I will buy it. I promise!


    they all look a bit elongated as is. I don't think a football game like that could handle Peter Crouch :p

    Pretty much just NBA Jam and to a lesser extent, that one NHL game that they added a fighting game portion to the on the ice brawls. Which is a shame really, adding those parts and ideas to traditional sports games really sells it to the people who would be quick to turn up their nose to the EA Sports line for instance, the fantasy golf holes idea from PGA though looks pretty cool and is a step in the right direction. I could see a nintendo spin on a FIFA game with world themed playing fields and hazards with yoshi in goals and fire flower mario striker.

    Sega Soccer Slam and Mario Smash Football/Strikers were pretty fun.

    Oh gosh, Rooney is perfect.

    Tomorrow. TOMORROW!

    NFL Street did this the best. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4AFY-UeDMA

    Properly good fun game.

      Came here to say this. NFL Street 2 on my original Xbox. <3

        was that the one with Xzibit? Wasn't he a character or on the box or something??? (Google confirmed that fact)

          Yes and wall jumps. Not sure if you could do that in the 1st or not.

            thats the one. You'd have like 1st and 30 and you'd score full length of the field TD's on 4th down. Oh and they never let you kick so you had to go for it always. Such a good game.

    I wonder what Lebron's perfect flopping would look like?

    All advertising should be as entertaining as that.

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