You Can Fuse With Your Teammates And More In The Next Tales Game

You Can Fuse With Your Teammates and More in the Next Tales Game

It was the annual Tales of Festival at the Yokohama Arena in Japan today with Tales of Festival 2014, and Bandai Namco had some interesting announcements for its latest Tales game, Tales of Zestiria.

A new rival character

You Can Fuse With Your Teammates and More in the Next Tales Game

The grey-haired, shirtless, pistol-wielding dude, Zabida (ザビーダ) is looking to be one of those reoccurring mid-boss battles throughout the story.

Kamui mode

You Can Fuse With Your Teammates and More in the Next Tales Game

A new feature to Zestiria's combat is the ability for the main character, Slay, to temporarily fuse with a teammate to enter "Kamui" (神衣) mode and unleash to fancy kick-arse moves. This ability is limited to fusions between human and Tenzoku characters. (Tenzoku are a second humanoid race that will appear in Tales of Zestiria)

From the trailers that were shown, characters can seamlessly enter Kamui mode, do some flashy smack-down and immediately separate to continue battle. It looks pretty cool.

Theme song artist

You Can Fuse With Your Teammates and More in the Next Tales Game

Japanese artist, Superfly, has been chosen to sing the game's theme song.

TV special

You Can Fuse With Your Teammates and More in the Next Tales Game

A Tales of Zestiria TV special for Japan is also currently in the works. While the TV special won't be entirely animated, Japanese animation studio Ufotable is going to be working on whatever animation sequences that there will be. No specific date has been announced for the TV special, but Tales series producer, Hideo Baba stated that it would be in preparation for the game's release, so it will likely air shortly before the actual game comes out.

As for the game's release date...

You Can Fuse With Your Teammates and More in the Next Tales Game

No luck in that department. Bandai Namco made no announcements, and even though I managed to catch Baba and ask him directly, he was unable to divulge any information at this time. He did note that unfortunately, a simultaneous Japanese and international release was unlikely, due to the localisation process, and that one current issue for the dev team was to find a way to make the delay between the Japanese release and international release as short as possible.


    Too many Tales games! I'm trying to finish Xillia and Abyss, but with Xillia 2, Hearts R and Zestiria on the way I think I'm gonna be all Tales'd out soon!

      I agree; when a business makes games faster than the audience can finish them it really means that they should be putting more effort into the individual games rather than pumping them out rapidly.

      But then again, most of these games have been out in Japan for years, but just haven't come to the West yet.

        I think I finished Xillia in about a week, so they should be releasing games weekly, right?

        Admittedly, I got very little done in the way of work or sleep that week

        There's a new Tales game every six months to a year, so they're not really pushing the timetable too much. As a big fan of the series, I wish they would release more.

          Well, I guess it depends. It took me a few months to finish Xillia, and then a few more months before I started Graces F. But then as I was doing that, ANOTHER game came out (Symphonia HD) and now I'm falling behind!

            More or less my problem. I take ages to play Tales games.
            Here I am thinking "Oh, Tales isn't all that popular in the west so I can just take my time playing Xillia." Nope!

              On one hand, it's nice that Tales is succeeding in the west, but on the other hand NAMCO Y U LOCALISE SO MANY GAMES???

              If the game still meets quality and you enjoyed the game then there really isn't an issue with release times for games. If anything I prefer it. If you finish the game then BAM there's another one you know you will enjoy to fill the space.

      You can never have too many Tales games.

      Well, I can't anyway.

        Yeah, its totally not a bad thing! If anything, we need more Tales games, or JRPGs in general.

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