A Touching, Unexpected Tribute To Link's Horse From Zelda

A Touching, Unexpected Tribute To Link's Horse From Zelda

YouTuber Twin Perfect, probably inspired by the unlockable horse in the classic arcade racer Daytona USA, rewrote the lyrics of the memorable soundtrack of the game to include Link's steed, Epona. And he also made an awesome video for it.

Here's the full edit. It's full of surprises and late '90s feels:

Epona Usa [Twin Perfect, YouTube]



    All of the yes!

    Touching? Also, Twin Perfect isn't an individual. another brilliant piece of editorial shite.

    Needs something extra, hmm......, captain falcon anyone, is there a video in which someone modded in both epona & blue falcon with extra blue shells into a nascar game?

    Hahaha, that's great!
    On a side note: when I crack out the XBLA version, I turn down the sound effects and crank up the home theater. That song (the normal song) is like a guilty pleasure. :P

      Nothing guilty about it. I honestly, genuinely love the music in that game. Japanese video game music from the 90's is awesome :)

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