First DLC For Hyrule Warriors Will Include A Horse Weapon

Forget horse armour. The first DLC for the Zelda spin-off Hyrule Warriors will include a horse weapon.

That horse weapon is Epona, Link's steed from The Ocarina of Time. On Nintendo's Miiverse service, Zelda honcho Eiji Aonuma explained today how Epona will work as a "weapon" in the game as part of Hyrule Warriors' first paid DLC pack, which itself can is part of the game's $US20 "season pass".

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    I miss the days when a horse was included in Dynasty Warriors...

      Red Hare would lose a race to the Hyrule Warriors characters, even though they have Sonic 4 slow starts before thy get to top sprinting speed. Horses just aren't needed and would detract from the game, as instead of running around everywhere in good speed, you'd have to waste time finding a good enough horse and getting off all the time to fight bosses or do most things.

    It's kind of like Nintendo has been staunchly refusing to acknowledge that the internet exists and forbidding its employees from having anything to do with it, such as learning from what competitors do. They've moved on from, "Nup, it doesn't exist," to, walled-garden-of-inconvenience, AOL style, and they've finally progressed to early X-360 release years of Internet. It's like a time-machine to the past, reinventing the wheel and making all the mistakes everyone else has already made... good show, Nintendo. Stay strong to your beliefs of... whatever the fuck it is that inspires you to do this shit.

      Your argument is invalid
      You say nintendo refuses to admit the internet exists and now mock them for using it
      With the release of the xbox 360 on the 22nd november 2005 there were a lot of bugs with the hardware itself
      When compared to the release dates of the playstation 3 and wii on the 17th and 19th of november 2006 you could say microsoft started online play by releasing a brocken console early purely for the sake of sales.
      Regardless of that the wii also had online features, they may not have been great but thats because its a Japanese console. And with all respect to japan for making great games, they dont revolve their lives around the internet like we do. So it makes sense that their online wasnt great but they still had it there and improved on it when the wii u came out for their users who wanted to play online. And this console only came out only two days after the playstation with these online features.
      Given that i rest my counter argument on your pointless unjustified attack on the company that brought gaming to life

      Also forgot to mention that the miiverse and nintendo direct
      Your move

    lol. im sure this shit couldnt have just been included in the first place

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