Assassin’s Creed Games Revel In Meticulous Recreations Of Historical Eras.

Assassin’s Creed Games Revel In Meticulous Recreations Of Historical Eras.

Assassin’s Creed games revel in meticulous recreations of historical eras. So let’s see actual historians discuss the times two newer AC entries were set in. In this video, YouTube series History Respawned takes a look at Liberation and Freedom Cry as reflections of black life in the 18th Century slavery system.


  • As much as proper history can be just as interesting, sometimes a bit of artistic license can be fun.

    For example the Captain Kid from Black Flag was more interesting than the chubby dude in a wig that he really was.

  • Must say I really loved Assassins Creed II, when I walked around Florence I felt the attention to detail was great.

    I found myself walking on a Contiki tour thinking to myself:

    I have killed here.

  • Did you know Africans weren’t the only slaves in history? They’re just the only people still bitching about it.

    • I dunno about that. I’m constantly hearing about Moses getting his people away from that Pharaoh bloke.

      • fun fact. before hitler, western society used the term “pharaoh” to define someone who’s tyrannical and unreasonable. (apparently)

    • The reason they’re still ‘bitching about it’ is because they were by far the most exploited group in recent history. The United States isn’t even the worse of it. In South America, life expectancy was sometimes measured in weeks. Not months or years. Weeks.

  • Funny thing is, they’re the only ones still harping on about slavery. The rest of us have denounced it as a terrible thing and moved on, they have the same rights as everybody else (more in Australia). Yet they continue to go on and on about it as though it’s still happening.

    In the US they have exclusively black universities, support groups, churches, activist groups and just about everything else….But they have the cheek to call Caucasians racist and still to this day won’t shut up about history. Imagine if a bunch of white guys started up a white mans only church, all hell would break loose and suddenly we’re back on the racism train,

    Hypocritical much? Remember, only white people can be racist!

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