Cops Raid Gamer Live On Twitch

A Counter-Strike player found himself having to deal with more than just digital bomb recently, thanks to a prankster that called the police on his house — a practice commonly known as "swatting".

The player in question is Jordan Gilbert of n0thingtv. While the clip above shows the most relevant bit, you can see the lead-up and aftermath of the raid in the actual Twitch stream around the 1:44:00 mark.

I can't get over the fact that the cops just bring a bunch of grenades into the room, and then they leave them on Gilbert's bed — nevermind the assault rifles. EDIT: It looks like these were his headphones on his bed. That's swatting for you — someone decides it would be hilarious to call the cops on another player, often by warning the police of a bombing or something, and then stuff like this happens. Really mature!

Don't worry, nothing bad happened to Gilbert — he returns to his seat around the 1:56:00 mark on the Twitch stream. "It's all good," he reassured his viewers. "Got a good understanding with the police station now."


    Whoever made that calls gonna be majorly in the shit...

      Agreed, but a hell of a publicity boost for the streamer

        I read somewhere the courts would come down heavily on people doing this to discourage this behaviour. Hope they do.

          Thats assuming they get caught, which is not exactly easy which is why swatting happens so much.

            Its simple to trace the number. Mobiles and landlines arent blocked when you ring emergency, its when its a prepaid that its hard.

            Last edited 12/07/14 4:21 pm

              You might be too young to have ever seen one but there are public phones scattered around most countries. You just put cash in them and you can call pretty well call anyone you want from a shared, dirty handset.

                I'm 36, unfortunately for most of the young kids these days, they're too lazy or stupid to use one of those. Most of them even believe mobile phones can't be traced back to a source when they call emergency. (Traced back to the closest tower anyhow usually).

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