How Pikachu Has Changed Over The Years

How Pikachu Has Changed Over the Years

You might know that Pikachu in the Pocket Monster anime now looks, well, like a changed Pokémon. But this isn't the only instance of different Pikachus.

Recently on 2ch, there was a thread about how characters change and one user posted the following image to show the difference between Pikachu variations. (The image, however, has appeared online prior to this.)

These aren't the only Pikachu variations, but the image does offer an interesting look at how the character can appear slightly different, depending on whether Pikachu is appearing in a game, a comic book, a cartoon, or even a retail shop.

最近のポムポムプリン別人過ぎワロタwww [2ch]


    Hahaha! They gave Pikachu an hourglass figure for the sex appeal!

    Who cares though, the design in the original Pokemon game is the best.

    The manga version is awful.

      It would be cute if the mouth wasn't so low.

        correction, it would be cute if the mouth were removed completely (see link)
        Also, has imgur had a "make a meme" button long? if so, I don't quite think they get the idea of a meme.

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