Kirby? Krang? What The Hell Happened?

Kirby? Krang? What The Hell Happened?

Krang’s home, Dimension X from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, is apparently Kirby’s Dream Land, or at least that’s how artist Tohad imagines it. He’s been busy lately with badass mashups of video game characters and different regions of pop culture.

Krang X Kirby is just shocking.

But here’s Sonic and Donkey Kong with a bit of Dragon Ball added.

And here’s a nightmarish, screaming Pac-Man.

Badass by Tohad [DeviantART]


  • I’m pretty sure that pac-man one is a combination of pac-man and the thing from “the thing”, just in case you wanted to mention the reference as something other then “nightmarish”

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