Man Puts TV On Head, Wins Cosplay

Man Puts TV On Head, Wins Cosplay

This reel of cosplayers from Heroes Con 2014 has some of the staples you'd expect, like multiple versions of Deadpool, Spider-Man and Captain America. But I wasn't prepared for the magnificence that is Prince Robot IV from Saga. Look at that TV-head. It's glorious.

If you read Saga, then you know that the Prince's head can display images that are a lot more risqué in nature. But, seeing as how Heroes Con is a family-friendly fan gathering, the choice to go with a flower is a smart one. As for good video game outfits, there's a convincingly creepy Pyramid Head at 3:00 and a great Wario at 6:23.


    There was a person walking around with thier head in TV but they didn't actually dress up for it so I don't know if they were cosplaying Saga or not.

    I love cosplayers, what beautiful people. Wish I had the time and confidence to do the same.

    While I'm all for Prince Robot. I'd like to see the same done for Evan Dahm's 'The One Electronic' from Rice Boy. See:

    Reminds me of a cosplay I saw at Manifest once of someone waling around with a monitor on their head displaying the letter 'L'. Maybe not the best L cosplay ever, but it got points for originality.

      might be from archer and armstrong?

    Love the Saga universe. Great comics!

    Would be good to see a lying cat!

    Bet there is a LOT of pause button use at 1:15 (or there abouts..)

    last time I stuck a TV on my head it didn't get a very good reception.

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