Meet The Brand New Motion Controlled Gaming Contender

We've seen a lot of motion controlled gimmicks and none, to my mind, have really stuck — not even the WiiMote. Despite the its incredible sales, do you really expect to be playing Nintendo games with a controller like that in 10 years? The Myo armband is the next contender. Could this slick piece of technology be applied to games?

Who knows? All I know is that precise motion controlled gaming is still a dream for me. I think that when it happens, when it is integrated correctly and works easily, it will be something that can move the needle in terms of mainstream gaming and attracting everyone to video games.

Will that product be the Myo? I'm cynical, but at the same time I'm in awe of the technology and want to see it succeed, mainly because it looks cool.

Gizmodo Australia has a great feature on the Myo over at their site. Well worth checking out.


    Well shit.

    Edit after I let it sink in:

    For gaming I'd love to see this working in the future with the likes of morpheus or Oculus. I think the only problem so far is that these products try to go it alone in stead of accompany other items to compliment each other and provide a more immersive experience.

    I also don't think I'd feel comfortable 'pretending' to have a gun, it's the same problem I had with Kinect. But as I said, if this had an accompanying attachment like the move gun for more accuracy, immersion and input options (An analogue seems practical for movement, not every one has the space for a omnimil or whatever they are called, as cool as they are.) and the idea is waisted if all we see are on the rails shooters. That's my biggest concern with Morpheous as well. I still think Sony should have put an analog on the move controller for movement options.

    So if there were other items that could be used with it for better control/ immersion, then I'd be sold.

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      A while back there was a TED presentation about controlling stuff with brain activity (basically a concept for mind controlling electronics) something like this article combined with that could make for a very interesting mix.

      not quite the video that I was looking for but it is the product I was thinking of

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      If it's just an arm band, couldn't you essentially hold any toy gun?

    Damn that is cool, I wonder how accurate that video is to the actual product though?

      I'm taking this as a proof of concept video and not an actual representation. Still, if it's anything like this then it's some pretty neat sci-fi stuff. Or at least it will be once the kinks are worked out in 2-10 years and a smaller revision comes out, if you still need to wear something by then. Honestly I don't see it working that flawlessly at the start.

      Heres to hoping.

    So I take it that the hand signals work by sensing the activation of muscles in the forearm though I'm guessing the thing that will potentially let the whole thing down is the accuracy of the accelerometer and gyroscope.

    Still, quite exciting stuff. For $150 I'd be sorely tempted to pick one up.

      this. muscle activation for each gesture is unique enough to sense and action on. i dont think the first round will be all that sensitive, but if it takes off, versions 2 and 3 should be leaps ahead.
      its got the chance to be more accurate and less costly than a camera based image analysis system

    Isn't this kind of what Gabe Newell wanted to get into? I know he was more wrist-based based haptic control based, but this could be up his alley.

    I am optimistic and wish them success. This is a good solid idea.

    Some fantastic potential here. Really hope to see more from this, given a good budget, advances in tech etc this could be a fantastic wearable technology if it interfaced with multiple technologies.

    The main problem is that without an actual item in your hand, e.g. using your fingers pointed instead of holding a prop-gun, the entire feeling of immersion is destroyed.
    Kinect has the same issue. You really want a controller shaped like whatever it is you are meant to be wielding.
    For real-world stuff how do you tell the difference between an unintended movement and a 'control' gesture?

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    New..... I've been keeping track of this project for at least 2 years now. The video is from 2 years ago....

    I'm always that little bit disappointed when someone wants to tell me about something new and revolutionary that just came out, when it was something I marked to watch years before.

    I'm guessing in 6-12 months Ill be reading about one of these for example:

    Had this on preorder for ages.
    From the stuff I've been reading it's going to be fairly limited. The 9 axis gyros will give you good positional and rotational accuracy but muscle sensors will only be good for gesture control. It won't be able to properly map out muscle movement or the position of individual fingers. Still a very useful tool (although not for the kind of things they show).
    I'm still looking forward to picking one up and having a play.
    All I hope is that it's better than the disappointment of the Leap Motion

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