New Dark Souls II Screenshots Provides Hints About Crown Of The Sunken King

There's been a massive hole in my pain receptors since I finished Dark Souls II, but the upcoming DLC 'Crown of the Sunken King' is incoming and, from these new screenshots, I'm getting a little bit excited.

It's hard to make any real predictions based on a handful of screenshots, but it looks as though the new areas for the DLC will focus on depth and vertical space. That could just be a visual thing, in terms of providing a sense of scale, or it could be a verticality in terms of design. I'm hopeful it'll be a little bit of both. Dark Souls has always done a beautiful job of making it's small universe seem as deep as the ocean. I don't usually tend to invest in DLC for any for any game, but I might have to make an exception for Dark Souls II

Via Gematsu


    Didn't the announcement of DLC for Dark Souls 2 before the release of the game cause some backlash?

    Is there any word on where abouts in the game world the entrance to the DLC area is? I know you need the Ashen Mist Heart.

      IGN ran an article about everything you need to know before starting the DLC. I won't post spoilers about where to go, however I will say you receive an item that gives you a clue on where to go. Additionally, those who haven't purchased the DLC will be able to be summoned into the area to see what all the fuss is about without the need to pay.

      I've heard it's in the Black Gulch. Prime real estate there.

        Oh dear... I may or may not have skipped over that entire area :P

    Really hope they announce the equivalent of the "Prepare to Die Edition" for PS4. I've deliberately held out from buying Dark Souls II and a PS4, and that's the announcement that would make me rush out to buy both!

    Despite DS2 not being as good as the original I'll probably still get this DLC just to keep me going until Bloodborne.

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