New Shooter Is 'Alpha As F**k'

New Shooter Is

If you'd asked my teenage self what I wanted the classic SWAT series to look like in 2014, I'd have first asked that it still actually be around in 2014. Since it's not, though, Due Process — an indie multiplayer shooter — is getting pretty close.

As you can see in the video, which is "alpha as fuck", there's still a lot of work to be done. But what's there already looks great. There's an extensive team-planning session where plans of attack can literally be mapped out on screen, and you follow that up with the execution stage, which despite the crude animations and placeholder visuals already has a good amount of heft to the gunfire and explosions.

See? Looks pretty cool! You can read more about the game at its site.

[via RPS]


    That remind me so much the fun I used to have with CS @ the beta stage with my college friends. Ahhh, I might tell them to go for this one!

    So an actual alpha that is actually just the core of the gameplay and art is still being developed and things aren't even being balanced yet and there are still plans being considered?

      Yes, that's what alpha meant before the modern world of kickstarter and "early access" distorted it.

        And 'Beta' meant developers had all the pieces together, knew the direction they were going and had a half decent (but very buggy) playable version.
        Now, beta means a single map of a completed game ready for release. Or in other words, a demo.

          It's still buggy though, but only slightly more so than the official release version.

    I like the concept. I'm not sure how well co-ordination would work out from a pub point of view. You could definitely do a whole lot with the maps and I could easily see mod support or at least custom map support from the community.

    So long as it isn't as much about individual skill from an fps point of view (a la cs:go) and more about team-based scenarios I'm definitely keen on seeing how this turns out.

    That looked pretty cool. Simple idea, plenty of variety. Keen.

    I love that that is the same music used in Snatch for the whole film, fantastic choice.

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