PAX Australia's Indie Showcase Winners Revealed...

Last year PAX Australia celebrated the local independent development scene by selecting a handful of top notch Australian games for an Indie Showcase. This year is no different, and the winners for 2014 have just been announced.

Airscape: The Fall Of Gravity

By Cross-Product A mind melding, gravity bending game that is all about dodging stuff.

Assault Android Cactus

By Witch Beam I had the chance to watch this running and it. was. insane. It's a brilliant twin stick shooter like Smash TV, except it lifts hardcore and has big muscles.


By Chris Johnson and Chris Larkin I know very little about this game, but it appears to be a unique geometrical puzzle thing about escaping labyrinth. It looks cool, like pretty much every game on this list.


By Blowfish Studios Gunscape appears to be some sort of LittleBigPlanet for shooters. I know very little about this game, so forgive me if I'm totally off base here. Building a game with Gunscape is like a game. Interesting concept.


By Samurai Punk There's a very good chance you've heard of this one. It's the four-player splitscreen shooter that forces you to look at your opponents screen. Amazing high concept. Has an amazing amount of buzz surrounding it.

Wave Wave

By Thomas Janson Describes itself as a "savage arcade game that challenges players to shift up and down precisely as a sharp wave, desperately dodging a never-ending onslaught of geometric doom". I think I can get behind that.

All in all looks like a really great selection, and a great reflection of the great games currently being worked on in Australia. I strongly suggest checking them out if you're heading to PAX Australia.


    I was there last year, Assault Android Cactus was my outstanding favourite. Brings back the couch co-op feeling that has been missing for quite some time.

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