New Trailer For Morrowind-To-Skyrim Mod Teases Public Release

New Trailer For Morrowind-To-Skyrim Mod Teases Public Release

Skywind, the ambitious mod which seeks to transplant The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind into the much more technologically advanced Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, is getting a public developer alpha release soon, according to its latest trailer.

No further details were revealed about this public release, although the descriptions said that more information will be released soon — what the trailer did have was footage showing off the mod's reworked assets, including some (really quite good-looking) landscapes, indoor areas and armour sets:

Watch the project's Facebook page for updates.

Skywind - 'Renewal' Official Trailer [SquallyDaBeanz@YouTube]


    I'd better still be able to purloin all available light sources from across morrowind and place them all in my room like I did the original or the deals off baby!

      I liked collecting skulls and ash statues to line my house walls and stairs with.

      Pity laying out and displaying loot and collectables is Oblivion and Skyrim hasn't been the same due to wonky physics (even if you install mods).

        That was the most epic part of Morrowind, adorning my home with items and trophies. Ever since it has been Octodad-esque interior decorating

    Well, hopefully the guys developing this won't do a Black Mesa and keep putting it back with 'when it's ready' release dates. Impressive work though, I've never played Morrowwind and hoping to play Skywind as my first taste of it *queue purists harping on about it being a watered down RPG in the Skyrim engine*

    cant wait till this is finished as it will give me an excuse to start skyrim again lol. I recently finished a play-through of morrowind and really enjoyed it the only problem is early on you have a high chance of missing in combat but after awhile it goes away (more so if you pick a major skill as the same as your races perk so that it starts off higher) I would highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't played it even if it is a bit difficult to start with it does get easier with higher levels (like all bethesda games).

    You could do worse than play the original, cufcfan.
    Graphix aren't exactly bleeding edge but the game play stands up pretty well.

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