One Piece Theme Park Opening In Tokyo Next Year

One Piece Theme Park Opening in Tokyo Next Spring

To mark the 15th anniversary of the One Piece anime, the first One Piece theme park will open in Japan.

Details are scant, and currently there is only a teaser page that says this will be One Piece's "first theme park" (初のテーマパーク or "hatsu no teema paaku") and that it will open at Tokyo Tower. That's all we know!

The teaser site says more details will be included in a future issue of Weekly Jump.

For those expecting something like a Disneyland version of One Piece, don't. I imagine this will be closer to the Weekly Jump theme park, J-World, that opened last year. There are One Piece attractions at J-World, but it's not a One Piece theme park per se.

One Piece Tower [Official Site]


    Man i hope its not as lame a J-world, i was so excited to go there and it was BOGUS as fuck.

    Just give me a restaurant that sells devil-fruit shaped meals and I'll be happy.

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