The Most Amazing Places To Pee And Poop In Japan

The Most Amazing Places To Pee And Poop In Japan

Japan is famous for its high tech toilets. But the country also has some truly unique restrooms to go with those fancy toilets.

While other countries also have amazing restrooms, Japan has some truly unique water closets. Let’s have a look at what website Naver has flushed out.

A restroom stall in Fukui Prefecture with a squat toilet surrounded by a garden. Picture: tmania

Once again, a wider view. Dig that footpath? Picture: mymemo

And here is a Western style toilet at the same establishment. Picture: mymemo

An enormous enclosed women’s restroom in Chiba Prefecture. [Photos: kominato

At Chinrai, a ramen restaurant in Chiba, the restroom is hidden behind a bookshelf, and you must press a DVD box to open it. [Photos: Tabelog

Like this:

The toilet itself isn’t remarkable. The way you get to it is very cool, though.

The Robot Restaurant in Tokyo has a shiny restroom. Picture: DJ_caesar_AKIBA

Picture: muffin_lambda

At Meguro Gajoen, the restroom has a Japanese bridge in it. Picture: YuSeongKim0707

This toilet was spotted at a restaurant called Tamaya in Gifu Prefecture. It is shinier. Picture: onakaippai2

And a wider view for those who like wider views. Picture: veri_aa

The urinal is gold, too! Picture: rtv_i

Based on the Kowloon Walled City, the Warehouse is one of Japan’s most interesting game centres. [Photos: Another Tokyo

This is actually the restroom for a miso nabe restaurant. No, the dress isn’t for dressing up. M’kay! Picture: naka_kana18

And here is where you wash your hands. Picture: payataco_22

A ski jump toilet at a ski resort restaurant. Makes sense. Picture: The Madarao

The restroom in the building above Sapporo Station sure has a nice view. Picture: HiddenLounge

This is on the 38th floor, mind you. At night, few places are better for peeing. Picture: taka06x

Restaurant Mumin Papa in Hyogo Prefecture is right on the beach with an aquarium toilet. Note that this restroom is for women only!

It’s like BioShock, the toilet. [Photos: maaari184

You can see fish! Picture: mastar1981

Turtles! Picture: ichinon@Tabelog

The vast majority of restrooms in Japan are rather dull. They’re nothing to write home about, and that’s not me taking the piss. It’s true! Though, every once in a while, you will stumble into an amazing restroom like above, or a slick, new one like below:

Picture: Momotarou717

Picture: SarahxxBri

The above Japanese restroom even lets you know via a flatscreen which stalls are occupied and vacant.

Picture: SarahxxBri


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