The Original Mortal Kombat Cast, Still Kicking Ass Two Decades Later

The Original Mortal Kombat Cast, Still Kicking Ass Two Decades Later

Last weekend at the Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, Illinois, 10 of the actors rotoscoped for the first three Mortal Kombat games gathered to show fans they are far from finished. Looking good, aren’t they?

This photo is from a massive set posted on the Galloping Ghost Arcade Facebook page, via the fine folks at VGEvo. The event was Shang Tsung’s Fight Night IV, and the actor turnout makes me wish I lived closer to Illinois.

So who do we have here?

Here’s Lia Montelongo, AKA Sindel.

Richard Divizio played Kano, Baraka, Kabal and Quan Chi, and he still looks tough as hell.

Kerri Ann Hoskins Branson played Sonya Blade, and might actually look younger now than she did back then.

John Parrish (right) played the cybernetically-enhanced Jax, while Brian Glynn was Shao Khan.

Daniel Pesina, the four faces of Johnny Cage, Sub Zero, Scorpion and Reptile.

Carlos Pesina, also known as Raiden.

Anthony Marquez looks different without Kung Lao’s hat.

Everybody have fun tonight, everybody Shan Tsung with Philip Ahn.

Finally we have everyone’s favourite cyborg ninja/Native American spiritualist, Sal Divita, who played Nightwolf, Sektor and Cyrax.

I would pay $US100 for another Mortal Kombat game with these people rotoscoped in as they look today. They don’t even need to fight, just sit around in their costumes and talk about the good old days.


  • These photos are just truly awesome

    Its like revisiting my teenage years looking at these guys

    But whoa… how buff is John Parrish?? I mean, he always looked buff in the MK2 graphics, but gee…

    Also, I always thought Brian Glynn would be taller. But thats a perspective issue

    • I read somewhere that he had to digitally altered to make him taller.

      • Well the digitally altered (ie: zoomed the camera in during the rotoscoping phase) to make everyone the same size – must have zoomed in more for Glynn. Still, he looks bad-ass

        Jax though… I think we know he lifts

  • Before I scrolled down the page I tried to recognise the characters from the top photo to see how many I got. I got Jax, Sonya, Kano almost straight away. Recognised Nightwolf eventually but only due to Sal’s facial expression in the photo. Mistook Kung Lao for Liu Kang but I guess that’s easy to do without the hat. I really should have recognised Johnny Cage, I’m miffed that I didn’t. Didn’t recognise Sindel without the white hair either. Didn’t recognise Shang Tsung, but he does have a pretty sick goatee in the game…

    Man though, John Vogel (guy in the foreground, artist for the original MK game) has changed a lot since I last saw a photo of him.

    But wait, Quan Chi was not in the 2D MK games, he made his first appearance in MK4…

  • Ho-Sung Pak (original Liu Kang) has been doing stunts and low budget movies. They’re not great, but he’s still looking good and moving well.

  • I wanna see the original Jonny Cage/Van Damme! I reckon he’d still cruising with a hypercolour popped-collar shirt…

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