This Guy Wants To Make A Video Game About Lacrosse

And by the looks of this Indiegogo, plenty of people want him to make it.

After two months Carlo Sunseri, the founder of Crosse Studios has managed to raise $135,481 in the pursuit of making his dream game: a Lacrosse simulator that matches the quality of FIFA or Madden. That's enough to reach a stretch goal of creating the game on last gen platforms, PC and the PS4 and Xbox One.

Carlo has made Lacrosse games on the Android and iOS, but "now is the time to expand" he says, to take his brand of playable Lacrosse to the big leagues of console gaming. I literally know nothing about Lacrosse. In fact my only experience with Lacrosse was when Chris Klein played it in American Pie. That is literally the only time I've seen it being played.

But it's apparently quite big in the US, and I guess if a sports game about Lacrosse can get funded, so can other minority sports.


Oh man, I really need to get a lozenge for that cough of mine.

You can find out more about Lacross 15 here.


    How exactly would a climbing game go...? For somereason the first thing that popped into my mind was a QTE filled mix of minigames of the same ilk as the drinking games in Watch Dogs...

      A climbing game would go like this:

    By some accounts, the climbing game in Kinect Sports Rivals is pretty good.

    I know that Sterling Archer played Lacrosse in College, and that's all i need to know.

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