Transformers Universe Open Beta Rolls Out

Transformers Universe Open Beta Rolls Out

In a world awash with bad Transformers movie tie-in games, Runescape developer Jagex deploys the open beta for a free-to-play, browser-based Transformers Prime MOBA. It’s got to be better, right?

Transformers Universe is certainly different, at least. It’s less an action-adventure game and more a more action-y take on games like League of Legends, with WASD keyboard movement and gunplay. Is it good? Well, some people seem to be having fun with it. I’m still getting my feet wet, but I am least enjoy the robot design, and it’s only locked up on me once. Hooray for beta.

“We’re delighted to be opening our game to the public, a game we believe is worthy to be Jagex’s second massively multiplayer online game,” said Mark Gerhard, Jagex CEO and CTO via prepared statement. “Our Beta community have been having enormous fun playing, as have we, often being schooled by them! Everyone has been absolutely fantastic throughout the closed beta and provided us with great feedback which we continue to implement into the game service through our weekly updates.”

To try the game yourself, simply go to the official website and play it. You can run it directly in your browser window, or download a small install file for enhanced performance.


  • This doesn’t actually look half bad, surprisingly. I might be interested to check it out.

  • From the hour or so that I played last week it’s fun to play but currently it doesn’t have anything noteworthy that makes me want to play it over and over. I get that its in beta (has been for a while) but more content and different game modes would go a long way to retain players before its actually released.

    Comparing it to a moba is misleading because you don’t have minions, towers, jungle packs etc. so by their own definition it’s a “online tactical action game” which is about as accurate as you’re going to get.

  • I like the look of the transformers but geez the landscape is uninspired. In my opinion some better art direction would go a long way (and yes I know it’s in beta).

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