Celebrate The Transformers Universe Beta With Two New Bots

Celebrate The Transformers Universe Beta With Two New Bots

The massively online tactical action Transformers Universe has officially entered closed beta this weekend, giving developer Jagex the perfect opportunity to dole out brand new Autobots and Decepticons like they own the place. Meet Front-Line and Conduit.

At first I was a little ticked at Jagex for rolling out new robots willy-nilly. Who gave them the Key to Vector Sigma? Weren’t there enough Transformers Prime characters already?

Not actually, no. Now that I think about it, Transformers Prime kept the roster in check throughout the run of the animated series, with never more than ten characters on either side of the Decepticon/Autobot conflict at any time. I guess we need a couple of fresh faces, even if they noth sound like topical flea medication for cats and dogs.

First up is Front-Line, the Autobot former vigilante. What?

So he’s Autobot Batman, dispensing his own brand of justice? Were his parents killed exiting a cyber-opera? How does a robot in the middle of an endless war qualify as a vigilante? So many questions.

Moving on, Conduit is the Decepticons’ combination killer/healer. A kealer. Or possibly hiller.

He’s black and purple, because we’ve never had a black and purple Decepticon before, ever.

The real benefit of these videos is to give potential players an idea of the sort of action they can expect should they get into the browser-based game’s closed beta, which can be signed up for right here. It’s not quite a MOBA, definitely not an MMORPG — it’s either something completely different, or something familiar in disguise. Insert transforming sound here.


  • There was absolutely no need to be passive aggressive & snarky with this. This is poor, low end journalism. You don’t have to be excited about everything, but you don’t have to run it down. This read more like a sarcastic youtube comment than kotaku article.

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