What’s Your Favourite Mario Kart 8 Vehicle Combination?

What’s Your Favourite Mario Kart 8 Vehicle Combination?

Mario Kart 8has been out long enough for players to put every possible vehicle combination through the wringer. So now that we’ve all taken a few laps around Rainbow Road, I have to ask: what do you think the best build is?

There’s no one answer to this question, of course, any more than there’s one kind of Mario Kart 8 player. So to get things going, I set up a little template we can all follow based off the green dinosaur you see above.

Driver: Yoshi

Vehicle: Yoshi Bike

Wheels: Off-Road (this changes from track to track)

Glider: Cloud Glider

What it’s good for: Getting around tight corners, power-sliding, being ridiculously cute.

What it’s not good for: Bumping up against bigger characters, navigating off-road terrain, reaching a high maximum speed.

When I use it: Double Yoshi is usually my go-to combo when playing local co-op with friends. It’s too light-weight to compete in online vs races, which is my other favourite way to play the game right now, so I’ve found myself using it as a practice bike of sorts.

Drop your favourite racer in the comments below. And make sure to add a picture if you can!

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  • Driver: Iggy
    Kart: Sports Coupe
    Wheels: Cyber Slick
    Glider: Bowser Kite

    Such a god damn great game…

  • It was
    D: Koopa
    K: Sports Coupe
    W: Cyber slicks
    G: Bowsers Kite

    Now it’s
    D: Rosalina
    K: Pipe Frame
    W: Cyber slicks
    G: Bowser Kite

  • Waluigi, Pipe Frame, Cyber Slick
    Morton, Pipe Frame, Retro Off-road
    Cloud Glider FTW

  • I have 2 configurations depending on how much of a challenge I want to give myself:
    Fun config: Mii, Landship, Roller, Parafoil
    -as a guy who got in to the series at MKDS, this config lets me drift and snake and such, and has almost max acceleration and handling
    Competitive config: Rosalina, Circuit Special, Roller, Bowser Kite
    -mainly for online play where it’s kinda important to be heavier than the opponent when they try to bump you, and keeps up acceleration

    I’ll typically use the Fun config more often – I use a Rabbid Mii and causes a lot of laughs whenever I play. It’s good fun! ^_^

  • I’ve always used Yoshi since Mario Kart 64.

    Circuit Special
    Cyber Slick
    Bowser Kite

    Play a lot of competitive games with the Whirlpool guys, who are crazy good.

  • Driver: Luigi / Mii

    Vehicle: Circuit Special / Mr.Scooty

    Wheels: Cyber Slick

    Glider: MKTV Parafoil

    What it’s good for: Dunno, it just feels fast, with good drift control. Once you get in-front and grab some coins you’ll be laughing-, you could go a heavier character if you really wanted maximum speed I guess.

    What it’s not good for: Bumping up against bigger characters, going too fast around corners.

  • I use a Heavy for max speed.

    Bowser or Morton (Black shell of Bowser’s kids)
    I use The Mach 8 or Circuit Special, sometimes the Sport Coupe (All these cars have Identical stats)
    Cyber Slicks (Fastest tires)
    Standard Glider

    Essentially this is the fastest combination.

    If you need more Acceleration change the wheels out.

    I find when I’m neck and neck racing friends and we don’t have power ups, clean lines can see me over take them easily without drafting. Note I tell everyone playing the fastest combination and explain the differences. If you can nail the start speed is the way to go.

  • Medium Heavy Mii
    Pipe Frame
    Button Tyres
    Cloud Glider

    This has a good mix of speed and acceleration and a good mini turbo thanks to the tyres (which is a hidden stat).
    I don’t like racing heavy but I’ve found it necessary, nor is it my favourite kart – I’m fond of the land ship, but online one has to sacrifice manoeuvrability for top speed as it can be very difficult to catch the breakaway.

  • Rosalina
    Sports bike

    Acceleration is pretty rubbish but if you can keep at speed it hugs corners well and Rosalinas Item pickups are great, also her being a middle weight she can take a few hits and push around the smaller charaters. I also find the Parafoil has the best air speed when boosting or diving in the air.

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