It's Real Life Mario Kart, In Brisbane

I don't remember the Princess waving in flags in Mario Kart, if I remember correctly she was always the one red shelling my arse as Yoshi, but apart from that one little misconception, this Mario Kart tribute video, shot in Brisbane, is on the money.

The video was shot by MediaHeroesAU, to celebrate the Australian 20th anniversary of the original Mario Kart's release. It's pretty well made. Also — there's something about that music. A lot of current Nintendo fans were brought into the fold by Mario Kart 64, but all my best memories of the game come from Super Mario Kart, which is still the best version if you ask me.

I don't think anyone was asking me.

Anyway, while we're here, I have a couple of questions. First off: favourite version of Mario Kart? And second, favourite character? I'm going to go with Yoshi.


    I really liked double-dash. No one else seems to.

      Ditto! Has way better drift physics than Mario Kart Wii. =/

        I still missed the little bunny-hop though.

      I liked double dash, it was cool having 2 characters in 1 kart

      My favourite is still the SNES version.

        It is good but I reckon double dash is the best. GBA super circuit is similar to snes version. I didn't mind that either. The only one I haven't played is 7 but I intend to amend that soon.

      I liked Double Dash. Loved the drifting.

      I also like the drifting in Mario Kart Wii as well.

    Mario Kart 64.

    Luigi. Almost everyone went Yoshi so decided to main Luigi. I never looked back.

      loved n64, but yoshi is the shit :P
      toad at a pinch.

    Yoshi or Toad for races, Wario for battle mode.

    I love Super Mario Kart, but I'd have to say my favourite is Mario Kart 64. I have such fond memories of playing the Battle mode with my cousins on N64. My cousin had a 32cm CRT in his bedroom and 3-4 of us would play split-screen Mario Kart 64 and Goldeneye on it for hours on end.

    I'm off to kingston park this weekend too! :D

    Mark is right, SMK > MK64.

    Though personally, I think that MK64 and MKWii are the worst entries, SMK and MKDD are middle tier, and SC, DS and 7 are top tier.

    I'm going to have to go with Super Mario Kart using Donkey Kong for Speed Runs, or Mario if racing.

    Really enjoy Mario Kart Arcade also. I almost lost my sugar when I found out that it existed!

      Must admit, I did dump a glorious pile of cash playing the arcade version while I was in Japan. Good times.

      As for home releases, I probably played the SNES and 64 versions the most. As much as I loved the original to death (in all its Mode7 glory), I think the first move to full 3D rendered tracks in MK64 sticks in my mind as my fondest memories for the series.

      Also, Wario all the way.

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