Xbox One Gets A $350 Razer Fighting Stick For All Those Fighting Games

Xbox One Gets A $350 Razer Fighting Stick For All Those Fighting Games

Just in time for the EVO Championships, green-and-black peripheral maker Razer announces an Xbox One version of its Atrox Arcade Stick. This made me happy, and then sad.

Happy because the Atrox is a lovely stick, built with complete customisation in mind. Pop it open and all the wires are right there, ready to be swapped about as you see fit. You can swap out the ball-style joystick with a bat-type. It’s got internal storage for all of the parts and tools needed, and a honeycombed bottom compartment to facilitate screw mounting. Oh, and it’s got Sanwa components, because if an arcade stick doesn’t everyone gets sad.

Xbox One Gets A $US200 Razer Fighting Stick For All Those Fighting Games

So yes, it’s a lovely piece of hardware — for playing Killer Instinct. That’s pretty much the only real fighting happening on the Xbox One right now. There’s UFC, but that’s not really an arcade stick sort of game, and Fighter Within is a sad little Kinect monkey.

So in order to really enjoy the Xbox One Atrox controller, you have to either be really into Killer Instinct, or patient enough to wait until Mortal Kombat X comes out next year. *sniff*

Xbox One Gets A $US200 Razer Fighting Stick For All Those Fighting Games

The Razer Atrox for Xbox One is now available at Razer’s online store, though the mark-up between the US and Australian prices borders on ridiculous.


  • …who in their right minds would get a controller that costs as much as a brand-new console.

    • I got a Qanba Q4RAF Ice Red for around $160 from Play-Asia last week – it should turn up today or tomorrow – I’m hoping today because I’m off work! I can’t wait to get it, and the fact it’ll work on Xbox360/PS3 AND PC tipped me over the edge in picking one up. I’ve got SSF4 and Mortal Kombat KE installed and raring to go.

      2014 will be the year where I teach myself how to play fighting games properly. I have loved the genre for many, many MANY years, but haven’t been assed to put much effort into actually learning any fighting game since Virtua Fighter 2 🙂

  • I wish I could get my mortal kombat arcade stick to work with my Xbone.

    Also, I barely play fighting games with my fight stick, I like it for games like castle crashers and guacamalee. Arcade sticks were used to control ARCADE games, not solely fighting games.

    • if you want to get an xbox 360 stick working with a xbone you need to padhack (google crossbone xbox the top result will be from SRK) or shell out stupid money. The FGC uses xbox as its platform, and I have 4 sticks on my xbox. 2x use ps360+ pcb, the other 2 are stock (one hori one mad catz).
      The razor stick is nice but mad catz make sticks just as good using sanwa buttons and sticks which are the standard for arcades and fight sticks.

  • I thought the Atrox 360 was massively overpriced but if you just look on ebay there are people selling it in Australia for like $200 ish. The razer store is never a good place to order from if you are from Australia.

  • I find it highly amusing and interesting that there was at least one person playing and winning with a Dualshock controller (via an adapter) in the EVO quarter and semi-finals while his opponents were using arcade sticks.

    • its all about what works for you. Smug uses a pad, he is legit. Snake eyez does also. A stick is better for button execution no doubt about it, but some people are of such a high calibre of skill they work around it. NuckleDu is an amazing Guile and uses his right thumb on the left stick to charge when his left thumb slips off. it is crazy

    • Some people can destroy in games with the standard controllers because that’s what they find more comfortable to use. Just getting a stick won’t make you better, playing will, and those people know it. Hell, I use the Razer Atrox for 360, and I suck at every fighting game I play!

    • Yeah to a degree it only depends how much you invest your motor skills in the controller that you have. I would highly recommend not doing that though… because the time and effort required is not worth it(spend that time working to buy a stick or to actually improve on the game you’re playing instead), and I think that arcade layouts feel nicer. You also can do higher skill stuff like plinking with more ease.

  • In typical Razer fasion, it’s price gouging, looks terrible and will probably break in a week.

    • Most players prefer wired sticks – cuts down on lag, and reduces the likelihood of any kind of dropout or interference 🙂

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