Gordon Freeman Is A (Relatively) Tiny Murder Machine

Gordon Freeman Is A (Relatively) Tiny Murder Machine

Artist Andrew McGee, who did something similar for Shadow of the Colossus, returns with another "for scale" pic, this time for Half-Life 2.

Funny how size, while looking impressive on paper, means so little in that game. I'd fight 1000 Striders before taking on a single Poison Headcrab.

Half-Life 2: Freeman vs. Combine [DeviantArt]


    FOR SCIENCE, I mean gordon is basically the science angel compared to the devil that is walter white, plus he is able to do this without a rival companies superweapon *cough* portal gun *cough, I mean he is 1 of greatest geek heros to take on this alien race without superpowers of superweapons (spiderman & believe or not samus aran, encyclopedia completion for 100% in hand written notes, geeky) plus doing this after single handedly defeating beings from another dimension in previous game

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