Paper Gordon Freeman Can Save Humanity In Under 7 Minutes

The Half-Life series is a fan favourite for a ton of reasons, but the main one is that its universe and story are so strong. Strong enough, even, to be re-told in under seven minutes using... paper.

Below is the first Half-Life, re-enacted using little paper men, and told in 2:14. Below that is Half-Life 2, which thanks to its beefier plot runs to 3:57.

Both clips are the work of Stepan Yurov. He may tell a shorter story than Valve's epic shooter series (and include more Pac-Man cameos), but it's all the more charming because of it.

[Thanks Fish!]


    You don't need to thank 'Fish', just thank Reddit.

    This rose to the top a few days ago.

    HAHAHAHA - that was pretty funny, especially the 'thriller' scene in Ravenholm.

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