The World's Best Half-Life 2 Movie Now Has A Sequel

Escape From City 17, a 2009 short flick from The Purchase Brothers, was and still is the best piece of fan-made Half-Life cinema we've ever seen. Over two years later, it finally has a follow-up.

Escape From City 17 -- Part Two has the same top-shelf special effects (and reportedly the same shoestring budget of $US250) as the first, only this time it's a lot longer, clicking in at around 15 minutes (as opposed to the first movie's five).

The extra time means more room for a story, in this case the relationship between an American and Russian resistance fighter, but sadly also more time for things to slow down and cracks appear in the writing and budget.

Still, it's definitely worth a watch, especially for the amazing effects.


    Dudeeee fucking awesome haha

    liked part 1 much better

      Yeah, same. I actually thought the effects in this were pretty meh.

    Still Epic :0

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