In Japan, You Can Buy An $18,000 Evangelion Statue From 7-Eleven

In Japan, Buy an $US18,000 Evangelion Statue from 7-Eleven

Attention Neon Genesis Evangelion fans! Make that, Eva fans with lots and lots of money to spend. 7-Eleven if offering a limited edition statue for a large amount of money.

According to 7-Eleven, the Evangelion Unit-01 statue measures around two meters tall and is priced at 1.836 million yen (or $18,000).

It's limited to 25 units, in both the standard Eva Unit-01 colour as well as a 7-Eleven colours version. Because if you spend nearly eighteen grand on something at 7-Eleven, you need to be reminded of that!

In Japan, Buy an $US18,000 Evangelion Statue from 7-Eleven

Picture: noronorochan

To purchase the statue, you fill out a form and bring it to the register at your local Japanese 7-Eleven. That's followed up with a phone call from 7-Eleven and a bank transfer. Four months later, two staffers deliver and assemble the statue.

In Japan, Buy an $US18,000 Evangelion Statue from 7-Eleven

Picture: Daigo

7-Eleven points out that this is a large amount of money, and states that it won't accept payment for the statue in the store. So don't bring a briefcase of cash if you're in the market for this Unit-01. There's also a giveaway campaign for each colour, allowing folks who don't have $US18,000 to burn on a Eva statue the chance to win one.

エヴァンゲリオン初号機 ヒューマンスケールフィギュア [7-Eleven via Sponichi]


    You'd expect the girls to come with the statue as well for the asking price.

    7-11 colour schemed one is so grosssss. Other one is amazing though :O

    I wonder how much shipping would be? Hmmmm.

    Forget the EVA where can i get that 7-11 glove

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