I Can't Believe These $18,000 Evangelion Statues Sold Out In Minutes

I Can't Believe These $US18,000 Evangelion Statues Sold Out in Minutes

Often, when Japanese companies offer ridiculously expensive, limited edition products, I kind of shrug my shoulders. "Nobody's gonna buy this," I think. Well, this time I was wrong.

Yesterday, Kotaku reported that 7-Eleven Japan was offering 25 limited edition Evangelion Unit-01 statues, priced at 1.836 million yen ($18,000).

According to Sankei News, within two minutes of going on sale at 10am this morning, all 25 of them were sold.

I Can't Believe These $US18,000 Evangelion Statues Sold Out in Minutes

Picture: Fashion Snap

Two minutes. Twenty five statues. Priced at $US18,000 each. Wowzers. That seems hard to believe, and according to Sankei News, even 7-Eleven was surprised.

Looks like there are some hardcore Neon Genesis Evangelion fans with truly deep pockets.

エヴァンゲリオン初号機 ヒューマンスケールフィギュア [7-Eleven via Sankei News]


    Dude. When you see a 18K 7 Eleven themed Eva 01, you buy the damn thing!

    I just wonder though, given the average size of a Japanese apartment, where are they putting the statues?

      I dont think the guys with average size apartments are buying these things.

        'Put it between the Veyron and the Michelangelo. And watch the subwoofer, ja?'

    Probably being snatched up by anime/hobby stores as a feature piece. Maybe a few for a personal collection.

    actually, considering when this series first came out and the large fanbase, it's not at all odd that some hardcore fans would've grown up to be successful and wealthy.

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