Oh No, Someone Put Nic Cage's Face All Over Halo

Oh No, Someone Put Nic Cage's Face All Over Halo

Fun fact: Nic Cage's face can improve everything — including, yes, Halo. Just don't expect things to feel as dramatic when you see Nic-Cage-Cortana talking to Nic-Cage-Master-Chief.

This mod, which replaces all textures with Nic Cage's face, is pretty hilarious — as you can see in this video by Gunner:

The thing that happens around the three-minute mark? Too good.

Cagelo part 2 [Gunner]


    The true majesty of our Lord and Saviour has shown itself once more.....
    May his glory shine down on us all, for he appears to us in wonderful ways.
    All Praise the Cage, the onetruegod....

    Speaking of Nick Cage, managed to catch some of the latest Ghost Rider on free to air TV on Sunday.
    Terrible film aside Ol'NCage looked like he had aged about 1000 years between then and the last film I saw him in.......which I can't recall?.........That probably explains it.

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