Rule, Britannia! And Steal Some Fish-Man's Eggs...

Clockwork Empires is what happens when you take a game like The Settlers, or Banished, and make it about Victorian Britons, fish people and steampunk.

The game was released on Steam's Early Access this week, so I figured I'd check it out. It's very early at the moment: your options are severely limited, and even some in-game functions that look rather important are greyed-out as being a work-in-progress.

There's enough there to get a feel for what's coming, though, and it seems to be a very personal kind of settlement/survival game, each colonist and soldier having their own bio, wants and needs, while there are some cool streamlining options like making each job (like getting wood or food) a specific "task" that you can assign work crews to (and you can mess around with the composition of these crews as well).

Given there's not much to do but mess around with a single scenario, paying $US30 for early access as things stand might be a bit premature, but there's enough charm and neat features here that I'll be keeping an eye on coming updates to the game.

Clockwork Empires [Steam]


    I am concerned that something so overtly British cannot spell colonisation properly.

      Then you'd be more concerned with some of the voice-acting, which...well, I've heard better attempts at British accents from Americans, put it that way

        If I worried about the quality of every accent in videogames I'd never get any actual work done.

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