They Always Make Disney Infinity’s Toy Box Look So Good

Last year, I was assaulted by trailer after trailer filled with the magical possibilities of Disney Infinity‘s Toy Box building mode, only to find the best my imagination could muster was an incredibly high plateau to drive cars off of. My hopes aren’t quite as high the second time around.

I used to love games like Disney Infinity and LittleBigPlanet, giving players tools to create endlessly. These days there’s a little more resentment than wonder, as I realise I will never have the free time to create something spectacular again. So while Disney Infinity 2.0‘s superhero-littered Toy Box Mode looks like a ton of fun, I’m not holding my breath.


  • Does look kinda fun, but yeah no chance in hell of being able to create something wondrous. Do these games come with any pre-built levels like LBP?

    • the way it works is you have the play sets which are proper story levels that fit the theme of whatever movie they are based on ie avengers. Then you have the play box where you can make your own level etc. You can also download and share other peoples creations so for those less creative you can download somebody else’s and just mess about.
      Also the play sets are all quite different in style way more so then skylanders ie the cars play set was a racing type game while the incredibles was a bash em up set in a big city each playing quite a bit different.

  • Remember when they promised to support Disney Infinity with new stuff for a lot longer? I do. I’ll get this but I’m annoyed that they didn’t support the first one for longer.

    • yer my main annoyance at the moment is they have only really announced 3 play sets so far (spider-man avengers and guardians of the galaxy) I would really like to see more of the classic characters getting a play set.

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