Keep Your Minecraft, I'll Take Disney Infinity's Toy Box

This looks like so much fun, dammit. Only another couple of months away from another children's game I can't wait to get my hands on.

It's about the building, you see, and while sure I could spend hours in Minecraft making magnificent creations, I prefer my blocks pre-shaped. I'd say Disney Infinity's Toy Box is Mega Bloks to Minecraft's LEGO, but no one likes to be called Mega Bloks.

What I am saying is I love building, but I am really lazy about it. This looks like it's right up my alley.

Sorry, Mega Bloks. You know I love you.


    Looks like Minecraft with personality. And it looks like you can actually do stuff with your world after you've made it like drive around on tracks.

    That...has a lot of potential. I thought this game was just a Spyro inspired toy collection game, now it's actually got my attention.

    It's basically garysmod x minecraft for all disney franchises.

    Wonder how much it takes to make that game lag.

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