What If The Matrix Sounded Like An 8-Bit Video Game?

This video confirms two things. Firstly, sound is just so crucial to the atmosphere and feel of a movie. Secondly, 8-bit sound effects are like a ready-made portal to my happy place. This video is exactly what it says on the tin: it takes one of the best scenes from The Matrix Reloaded, and replaces all the sound — all of it — with sounds from 8-bit video games.

It's really cool how, back in the day, hardware limitations ended up producing a style of sound design that is so distinctive even to this day. It's a perfect example of restrictions breeding a sense of creativity.

Someone should do this for the whole trilogy. I'd rewatch the hell out of that.

Via Gizmodo


    Haha it's quite incredible how once devoid of all the "real" sounds, it is painfully obvious that the hits are carefully choreographed and that there are almost no actual impacts.

    I don't know what 8bit games you were playing but those sounds are quite clearly from the 16 bit era.

    I made one years ago for the fight against the Agent Smiths, but this has been done WAY better

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