Why You Probably Shouldn't Idle In Destiny

Sometimes, you just gotta put the controller down and deal with real life, regardless of whether or not the game actually lets you pause. I get it. But if you idle in Destiny, well, there's no telling what players might do to you in response.

Check out this clip by rarbox5, which shows how players opted to push an idler off the map. Let this be a cautionary tale to you all!

(Via Reddit)


    Its things like this and the Chameleon spell in DS2 that keep me smiling during games. Glorious bastards!!

    I was moving my mates around the tower whenever they were in a menu screen. A couple of times they 'wtf'd' at coming back to being next to a completely different shop than they entered

    I'm really not liking these persistent online games, I mean, I'm excited to play the game because it looks awesome, and I'm still gonna get it, but all this business about not being able to pause means that if you need to go to the toilet or something you have to leave the game and re-enter it when you come back for fear of something happening. So annoying.

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      Specifically in Destiny, death in the Tower has absolutely no effect. Try timing your toilet breaks with load screens. Maybe just leave the fire team and let your ship just fly in orbit.

      But I agree with you.

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      I haven't played destiny but in my experience, most persistent world gamers are quite okay. Given it's an alternate world, many of them take it as if it were real and will actively protect you.

      Unless it's a pvp server, but then you're asking for it.

      When you idle in the tower sit down (D-Pad Down) so people can't move you around.

      On the battlefield just get back in your ship for a few minutes. Because enemies could spawn on you.

    If anyone remembers EverQuest, you could cast Levitation on someone, and also push him like this.

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