31 Of The Most Satisfying Feelings In Board Games

Picking up a wild draw four card in Uno. Letting all of the Connect Four pieces drop after a match. Playing a dirty word in Scrabble. Being an ace at Jenga.

If you've ever played many of the classic games in this video by BuzzFeedVideo, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. But the most gratifying feeling of all, I must say, is definitely convincing your friends to stop playing Monopoly. Sorry, Monopoly fans. :(

31 Amazing Feelings In Board Games [Buzzfeed Video]


    That was terrible. Truly, truly terrible.

    I'd have expected the most satisfying feelings in board games to include good games. The best game in the video didn't actually get mentioned, they just used it as an example for popping pieces. Which admittedly is probably the one actually satisfying feeling from the list.

      I just realised how much you must care about me to let me pop all the board game pieces. My most satisfying feeling is finally figuring out a win strategy for a board game and crushing you into the dust with it...

        Then it's a good thing that you don't do that very often, to make up for all the popped pieces over the years :p

          What are you talking about, I win all the time.

      The most satisfying feeling was realising that my cold, dead heart doesn't have them.

      Sorry. Overall, you are right but at least this video acknowledges how bad Monopoly is and includes Settlers of Catan.

    Watching new players freak the hell out when the gatekeeper yells "NEVER COME THAT CLOSE TO ME AGAIN!!!" in the Nightmare video board game.

    Didn't watch the video but I'd say piling on a Wandering Monster, a King Tut, a Doppleganger and a bunch of LOSE A LEVEL cards just as someone is about to hit level 10 in Munchkin is a pretty satisfying feeling. Also likely to end in something being thrown across the room...

    Had one game where a guy we all hated ended up having to beat something like 146 points as we all ganged up on him when he was about to win. Sure, it was overkill, but it's also Munchkin, fuck logic.

    Last edited 30/09/14 5:09 pm

      A great example of why I refuse to play this game. It's fun the first few times but after a while it just outstays its welcome.

    I find winning without pulling dick moves to be far more satisfying.

    So board games are "Real Life" and video games are not/
    Does it speak to the lack of immersion in board games or something?

    Having somebody land on Mayfair the turn after you put a hotel on it in Monopoly can be fun.

    But in general I have to agree, once all the properties are sold (or after all completable sets are completed) that game is a war of attrition.

    I once had somebody get a Scholar's Mate on me in chess. They seemed to be very happy about it. I suck at chess...

    I'm pretty sure steamrolling the whole world in a single, well played turn is the best part of Risk...

    Me and my friends are banned from playing monopoly because it often turns into some gnarly saints row turf war fights

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