Conan O'Brien Sang The "Monorail" Song Live

Conan O'Brien Sang The

It's one of the most famous Simpsons episodes of all, and its trademark musical number one of Phil Hartman's most memorable turns in the series, so it was fitting that over the weekend the man who made it all happen - Conan O'Brien, who wrote the episode - performed the Monorail song live.

This looked like one hell of a show. It was called The Simpsons Take The Bowl, and featured a live orchestra playing the tunes to some of the series' best moments (as well as live vocal performances by the cast of the show).

Witherwings7 [YouTube, via neatorama]


    "I swear it's Springfields only choice"


      No good sir I'm on the level*


    As great as this was, I think the "Apple's in-house pianist" was my favourite Conan bit from last week:

    Mono, D'oh

    Phil Hartman, you will be forever missed, There is a hole in The Simpsons that will never be filled.

    I watched this last night and it made me soooo happy.

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