Destiny's Toughest Challenge Cleared In Just 37 Minutes

That's a new record for The Vault of Glass, the first raid released for Bungie's new Destiny shooter. A team of five hunters and one lonely warlock managed to clear the whole thing in just 37 minutes, topping the last record of 1 hour and 50 minutes, both vast differences from the 10-hour-long ordeal it took the first group to clear the raid.

And me? Well, I haven't even managed to open the damn doors to the thing. But I'm also only a level 24 warlock.

via Bungie


    @jackunit13 this will be us tomorrow

      what level are you guys now?

        Still struggling on 21, I planned to smash the loot cave yesterday but I ended up only getting pretty close to 22. I'm leaving early from work today to grind so I can try and get to 24 so I can do the level 24 strike

          I might be on later, have you guys got a full fireteam or? I think I have two mates pretty keen to try the Raid, think one is rank 22 the other is 27? I haven't tried it yet as been away does it require 6 level 26 people?

            @jackunit13, his buddy and myself are the only confirmed guys I know that were keen to do it. I think you need to be at least 23 to have any hope of attempting it, 26+ is recommended from memory. I think it'd be cool to have the 6 of us do it, I think it might be a matter of having a good enough character to do it with by then lol.

            When were you hoping to do it?

              Well no rush I guess, my level 27 mate reckons even he isn't ready yet, think the 3 of us will be on later tonight, if you guys were keen to give it a crack invite me/us in. I haven't played it for a week so am keen for whatever really.

    Still sitting on a level 16.... Quite a while to go for me.... Anyone on Xbox add me for some raiding. Eventually. Lol

    Haven't played Destiny yet, but how could you shave off 9 and a 1/2 hours from the previous record? Did the first guys doing this take the ol 'circles in the desert' approach?

      There are lots of tricky stuff going on there which I won't go into as spoilers. Its not just a kill everyone coming at you deal like the strike missions. Apparently it took them hours just to work out how to open the doors.

      The first ever time was 10 hours, the previous record was just under 2. There's a load of puzzles to solve and stuff so if people know what to do and are high enough level, then I suppose this sort of time is achievable!

        Ahhhhh ok! Gotchya!! Thanks! The puzzle solving would definitely hinder time first go through!

    as someone who's only played the beta and is waiting until the end of the uni semester to buy the full game, can someone clarify something for me -- is there any way to complete something like this over multiple sessions or does it have to be one unbroken play session? Seems pretty crazy if so!

      As long as you have the original fireteam leader you can continue your progress another day. It resets each week on Tuesday.

    At certain points in the raid there will be checkpoints which saves your progress even when you turn off your ps3.

    I'm level 27 waiting for friends to hurry up and level up already...

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