Impossible GTA V Flying Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

Impossible GTA V Flying Has to Be Seen to Be Believed

YouTuber Mario4LYF3 seems to have a different kind of gravity in GTA V to the rest of us as they put their jet through some incredible moves in this video.

The grasp they have of how the game's gravity works is incredible here as they use stalls and gently tweaked thrusts to pull off some incredible stunts, flying through buildings, upside down under freeways and generally floating around like they were born with those wings. (Via Rockstar)

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    A stones throw from what I can do, but if anyone is having trouble with knife flights and under the bridge challenges, get the jet and put it in 1st person mode. SO much easier, I think it clips less.

    Meanwhile, I can't even get the jet from the air force base.

    It helps when the jets behave like UFOs doesn't it!

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