You'll Finally Talk To Players You've Been Matched With In Destiny

You'll Finally Talk To Players You've Been Matched With In Destiny

In the midst of the big news that the Loot Cave is no more are a few other nuggets of news of things Bungie has planned for Destiny. More notably, for instance, that they will be giving players an option to communicate with other guardians they have been matched with in strikes and in the Crucible.

Here's Bungie:

Our vision for Destiny is that all players, even matchmade players in the Crucible, Strikes, the Tower or public spaces, be able to communicate with one another in a way that promotes positive socialisation. Voice communication is the easy answer, but existing voice paradigms, including those in our own Halo games, have not done enough to protect players from abusive griefing from a minority of players.

Destiny's near-term solution will be to allow players to opt-in to voice communication during matchmade activities. Work on this feature was underway at launch and should be rolled out this year in Strikes and the Crucible.

It's not quite the proximity chat some players were hoping for, but it's certainly a step in the right direction. Now you'll soon be able to coordinate with players who aren't in your fireteam but that you've been matched with in multiplayer and on strikes.

Check out the rest of what's getting updated here.


    I would prefer more gestures to communicate with (like Dark Souls)
    Far more enjoyable to not be assailed by random douches spouting whatever nonsense they feel... I will opt out.

      How would you do the extra gestures though? Select them from a list and map 4 at a time to the dpad or something? I could go for that myself, I don't really feel the need to dance very often but a 'come here' gesture might be a nice addition

        Use the d-pad for your four main ones. Hold Left Bumper/L1, flick Right Stick to select one of eight additional ones. Alternatively hold Left Bumper/L1 and then use the d-pad to navigate a tree of emotes.

          Considering by default Left Bumper/L1 is used for grenades on planets/crucible, I would suggest the right thumb stick/L3 as it's currently used to select players anyway, having the option to hold it down and have it bring up an interactive dial similar to BF4/ME3.

            Ah. I forgot that I don't use the default layout. My control scheme has LB/L1 as the Player Interaction button.

        You could make a radial type menu or a modifier or preselect the 4 (or 8 if you use diagonal) on the Dpad.
        I enjoyed the silence of Dark Souls rather than the random guys playing music, singing, swearing or telling me inappropriate things about my mother... people came together for jolly co-op and left.

        Maybe they should have Fireteam sigils in the tower so people can co-op the weekly heroic and nightfall strikes as well.

          Opt in voice chat seems like the best option, you can have it if you want and as long as there's a way to opt the hell out again if the other people turn out to be arseholes then it'd be a good balance

        What about voice commands that apply gestures like "point left" or whatever, or voice commands that the other players hear in the voice of your character (like "hold here!" or "kill the wizard" or "don't die!") :)

          or "Why are you getting all the legendary engrams and I'm only getting green junk you lucky bastard??"

      I feel that gestures would work okay with a game like Dark Souls with just two players at a slow pace. A frantic six-player FPS in a raid like the Vault of Glass... I don't see that as working on any level.

      However I'm otherwise with you, except that I go one step back and simply don't play with random people to begin with. They only ruin my games.

        Yeah, you don't need randoms to ruin your games, you've got me!

          Yeah, I got you. And sometimes I don't know why I get frightened.

    Looks like they plan to nerf the range on auto rifles, ouch. hopefully it isn't to noticeable also depending how much that stability change will do pulse rifles might become the best weapon =/

    Also buffing weapons like Thorn and Bad JuJu is definitely smart, talk about underwhelming.

    Last edited 26/09/14 10:51 am

      Also buffing scout rifles - they did seem a little more useless nowadays than they were in the alpha...

        Yeah, they're buffing scout rifles because as it stands, an auto rifle has the same effective range as the scout rifles and depending on the type of auto rifle, you could land headshots that do the same damage as the scout rifle, only with 2-3x as much ammo in the mag+reserve.

          Absolutely. I'm glad they are doing this - my Lvl 18 Shingen auto rifle is currently preferable to my Mida Exotic scout rifle for this reason, which I really want to use.

    I still want to have matchmaking in Weekly or Daily Heroic challenge. I am just not skilled enough to do a solo run for those.

      Weekly strikes are fairly tough, I too lack friends playing the game and I had to solo the weekly strike for the exotic bounty I am doing -took nearly am hour and a half. Feels good to finish it though :)

      I can see why they haven't match made it due to strange coin farming - but the daily stories should be as the rewards arnt that great

      Last edited 26/09/14 11:15 am

        Managed to solo my first nightfall last night, I was pretty pleased with myself I must say.

      Definitely needs coop match making for those trying to slog through this solo

    Thank fuck for this, last night doing the PIT strike on the moon, the 2 morons i got partied with decided to stay in the DEATH ROOM at the entrance and attempt to kill the boss from there, so after 8 wipes and me having to DANCE/point/wave my ass off to show its safer out in the main room they finally got the hint, and we completed it.

      God I am so over people doing that on that strike... It makes the whole thing take twice as long, and makes it more difficult as I'm pretty sure someone sitting out of the room fucks with the spawns completely. Which then fucks the people in the room who get swarmed with far more enemies than they should have at any one time

      Generally after a few minutes of some idiot camped out there I'll go sit down next to them and do nothing until they either leave compltely or enter the room.

      Heheh - that was attempt two when I tried it. First attempt we were running around all over the place. Got blitzed. Second we all hung back in the room. Got blitzed. Third attempt we were all running about but did way better. finally got the guy on the fourth attempt.

    or just open your mouth without being a tosspot and use the mic to communicate in a strike. seems easy. no need for extra emotes.

    In SC Blacklist you tap various directions on the DPad for weapon selection, but holding down left brings up the weapon/gadget wheel. something like that but with gestures (like Portal 2; Dark Souls is good but I don't find it quick enough) would be awesome!

    I would much prefer an option to mute certain players like in CoD for example, simply bringing up the in-game menu, going to mute, then selecting the player currently in the team and muting them. As muting all voice communication would be silly if you need to continue communicating with the other (helpful/useful) members in the team. Also an option to kick afk'ers/griefers would be a welcome addition to strikes!

      Well you can mute people in a Fireteam, don't see why you wouldn't be able to mute single people when this goes live.

        Ah right of course, I've only actually been in one instance where I could chat to others that invited me to the fireteam during one of the Queen's missions as I was trying it solo (definitely a bad idea lol) as usually I'd be in a PS party waiting for my mate to come on. However being in a party (even if it's just you) disables the in-game voice chat. It never occurred to me at the time :). Still, an option to kick AFK'ers/griefers in strikes would be a huge welcome, had my mate get d/c'd in middle of a strike, before he could get back in (was about 20 seconds before he got back into game) a random person was put in to his spot, the guy was a complete noob, not looking behind him when he's being smashed on by captains that are literally a foot behind him, then being afk from the previous boss fight to about 80% of the final boss only to come in and die straight away.

    Removing my comment. Not sure what is going on. That should have been in TAY.

    Last edited 27/09/18 9:51 am

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