New PC Game Is A Masterclass In FMV

New PC Game Is A Masterclass In FMV

Roundabout is a new PC game that has you driving a limousine around a map. Only, that limousine never stops spinning.

Given passenger missions to complete across a colourful open-world sandbox (you're rarely restricted to just the roads), the best way to approach it is to pretend it's like Crazy Taxi. Only you're really drunk.

It's tough to get the hang of, but once you wrap your head around its basic premise and the avenues to master and exploit it you'll find a rewarding challenge, one which is rarely punishing thanks to some generous checkpointing.

If the game was just about the driving, it would be great. But what makes Roundabout amazing is the full-motion-video cutscenes bookending the missions. They are everything FMV should be: quick, corny and funny as hell.

The cast - led by Kate Welch as the driver, who is fantastic - absolutely nails the 70s B-movie tone, giving deadpan, erratic performances that are sometimes bizarre, and almost always hilarious.

Roundabout is currently $US12 on Steam.


    I feel sick just watching the video. Talk about motion sickness.



    Also, obligatory @dc for FMV.

    I bought it last week and it's fucking incredible.

    Its like the awesome Kuru Kuru Kururin series!

      Yup, definitely inspired by Kuru Kuru Kururin and Irritating Stick - I LOVE Kuru Kuru Kururin. I don't really like typing it though - it's way easier to say out loud than to type...

        Did you ever play the Gamecube version? It was incredibly fun and had some brilliant multiplayer.

    I saw this video awhile ago and it made me laugh so much.

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