Spotted: A Level 26 Destiny Character

Spotted: A Level 26 Destiny Character

That's improbably high, given that the game's servers have been live for around nine hours.

It seems unlikely that a non-Bungie-employee could've possibly reached level 26. Gamespot managed to do an up-close inspection with a level 24 character, which gives a good sense of the gear that level rolls with: I also spotted a level 24 in the city, and did an up-close inspection, but my capture software crashed and fried the video. (Hooray technology.) There were some pretty intense numbers happening, though - a helmet with a rating in the 300s, that sort of thing. Curiously, both of the high-level characters I've seen use hand-cannons. Maybe hand-cannons are Bungie's preferred primary weapon?

As for me, I'm still level 6 and have the most garbage gear possible. Tina's level 9 character has already got better guns than I've ever dreamed of using, and I can sense her out there, right now, pulling farther and farther away. Time to shoot some more wizards...


    I'm afraid to start playing cos its seeing that kind of thing in game that will start me on the never ending chase of that uncatchable dragon. life gone

      Hey, complete the first dungeon. You'll get a rifle like you current weapon, but it's primary stat is 1 point higher. Then you can move on to the next dungeon where you'll find a new weapon that has a primary stat of 1 point higher then your new weapon!


          Then you can move on to the next dungeon, where upon completion you'll find a new rifle with a primary stat that is one point higher!

            Make that a random stat that i may not necessarily actually want improved, and i'm in.

    Honestly I don't really give a damn. You could be level over 9000...I'll still play, I'll still enjoy it, I'll still say 'You have no life outside of this game' or 'Sorry, what was the name of your girlfriend and where do you currently hold full time employment? I'm assuming the answer to that last one is 'Your mums basement'...

    If it's Bungie playing, I withdraw my comment.

      Yeah you tell em! You don't give a damn so much that they need to know about your really important job and super hot girlfriend!
      You're so much better than those neckbeard weirdos who like playing video games more often than you do!


        ...i miss my mums basement...

      Just so you know, belittling other people only shows that you are an insecure person.

      Last edited 09/09/14 2:05 pm

    Fairly likely someone who exploited the game, its what shit me about the D3 season stuff, within 1 HOUR someone had hit level 70 and killed Mathael on T1, within 20 hours a group of 4 demon hunters with PERFECT gear rolls on full sets of the best gear completed T6.
    Turns out there was exploits left in from the PTS that people reported but were never fixed before the season went live.

      Agreed, that's pretty weak by Blizz.

      I can't see how it's actually any fun though. They're not demonstrating skill. There's no kudos or respect for glitching a win, people just think you're a d1ck. Are these people actually enjoying this?

      I don't understand it, but I don't really care either :)

        I'm pretty sure nobody cares. This is why I don't bother with MMO games, too many dicks (literally and not literally). Destiny will be the same. Waiting for the new Borderlands instead.

          I guess with Destiny you're mostly protected from the dicks by only being able to interact directly with people in your friends list, and no global chat etc.

          Although, human nature being what it is, I'm sure people will find a way to mess it up for others.

            Why should a couple of people glitching to end-game ruin it for others? If I don't know them personally then it doesn't alter my own experience with the game, so I don't really care. What matters to me is what I myself get out of the game and the experiences I share with my friends.

            The only thing glitchers gain is bragging rights for being the first to "beat the game" which, when it comes down to it, is worthless and will be forgotten about in time anyway. What they lose is a proper gaming experience; they're the ones who spend two days on a huge MMO then start complaining there's nothing left to do. So in the end they're just ruining it for themselves.

    This is the problem with games built around an artificial concept of 'levelling' rather than a more organic concept of 'just being quite good at the game due to experience'.

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