The Need For The BBC To Get Involved In Making Games

Briefly: Graham Smith has written a fantastic piece on RPS that argues the need for the BBC - a public body, not a company - to get involved in making games. "America, of course, embraced commercial television. Britain was different. We had a tradition of broadcasting as a public service."


    I've wondered a few times why the ABC isn't more involved in games. Seems like the kind of thing that should be.

      Good Game is a pretty decent gaming show! I think that we're dreaming if we think our current government is going to help the gaming industry in this way though - they won't even support a world class communications network...

      The BBC aren't just tax funded - You have to pay for TV in the UK. I believe they also get a cut of those profits.

    Yep, we totally need more Government. They have such a fantastic track record with everything they do... O.o

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      Are you really lumping in every government with your statement? Look at Channel 4, it's publicly-owned but it's producing high quality stuff.

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