The Sound And Fury Of 251 Angry Pokémon

The Sound And Fury Of 251 Angry Pokémon

The first venture into full 3D for the second generation of pocket monsters, Pokémon Stadium 2 gave fighting poses and battle cries to all 251 Pokémon from the first and second generations. Now they're all in one video.

YouTuber MasterOfHyrule utilizes what I can only imagine is a heaping pile of disposable free time, all to ensure Pokémon fans don't have to go hopping about from video to video to find their favourite critter. He's a real champ. Let's watch some N64-era 3D!


    Nostalgia overload. I remember every single one of them. Dat seel.

    This video made me realise how a good chunk of the Pokemon in this game have the incorrect cries.

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