This Technology Could Transfer Your Living Room Into A Video Game

This is essentially augmented reality using the Oculus Rift, but the potential seems staggering. Watch as a human being walks around an augmented version of his own living space. If this is applied to interactive entertainment it could be spectacular.

Or it could just transform our house into one gigantic ad. It could work either way.

The above video spends a good amount of time exploring how this specific augmented reality works. It's all fairly interesting, but if you want to skip to the actual results of that technology, click ahead to 2 minutes 25 seconds. The first thing it shows off is a Facebook wall on an actual wall.

That's pretty cool, but what I really need is a procedurally generated horror game that takes place in my own house using an Oculus Rift headset. Think Fatal Frame except it plays out in the space where you live and breathe each day.

Actually on second thought. Maybe don't make that game.

Via NeoGAF


    That floor changing bit would be awesome for playing "the floor is made of lava".

    It's about time. I'm gonna get some mates together for a bit of "real" deathmatch action at the shopping centre. Followed by some co-op zombie horde survival mode. Laser tag and paintball are on borrowed time.

    Man! I had this idea a few years ago! I didn't know what to call it and I didn't know what tech to use but bugger me if it isn't nearly how I pictured it!!

    Imagine sitting in your living room and palying an rts that turns your furniture into mountains or a platformer that makes your whole coffee table a level...

    I wish I was a genius millionaire. AND THEN I'D SHOW YOU ALL!!

    Call me crazy will they? They won't think I'm crazy once they know I dared to dream of my own race of atomic monsters, atomic supermen with octagonal shaped bodies that suck blood...

    Heh, I remember before the Wii came out and someone like Peter Jackson or someone said Nintendo have awesome hologram stuff they are working on. I imagined playing Zelda on my coffee table.

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