Watch Far Cry 4's Elephants Run Amok

Watch Far Cry 4's Elephants Run Amok

Video: The latest trailer for Far Cry 4 focuses on elephants crushing, trampling and hurling enemies aside. Also, being ridden.



    Omg. is that true? Elephants crave human blood?! I always thought they were just plant eaters...

      Are you kidding? Elephants are herbivores.

        lol It's been a slow day.... The weird thing is right after posting that, I actually got confused for real whether elephants were carnivore, herbivore or omnivore, and had to google...

    I think I'd be happy to roam around on an elephant in that game and just admire the scenery.

    i hope they'll work like slower, more off-road vehicles; going where cars cannot
    either way, another venture into Far Cry (especially such a good looking one) is good news

    I haven't watched this trailer yet, but the other couple of FC4 trailers I've happened to see are all the same environment as the E3 gameplay. Bit concerning.

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