Zombie Invasion On Train Leads To Online Complaining

Zombie Invasion On Train Leads To Online Complaining

Public transportation solves many problems in urban environments. Trains make commuting to work a whole lot more convenient, but what happens when you introduce a group of zombies onto mass transit? Well, as a group of 30 zombies found out in Wuhan, China, a little bit of panic and a little bit of rubbernecking.

CnHan.com, the evening post for Wuhan city, reports that last Wednesday in Wuhan, Hubei province, a group of 30 art students got on the Wuhan city train for a ride — dressed as zombies. Some of the zombies had very minimal makeup on, while some had extreme makeup on, complete with fake blood and horrible disfigurements.

According to netizens who witnessed the scene, as soon as the party got on the train car a few started howling and making noise. There was even one zombie that started to mingle with passengers. Netizen JK said that she was so freaked that she “nearly peed herself.” JK goes on to say that the 30 zombies occupied a whole train car.

CnHan.com’s reporter got in touch with a stylist who claimed to be the makeup artist responsible for the zombies. The man claims that the stunt was a way for the students to celebrate their graduation. He claims that they started out at around 4:20 in the afternoon, and stopped when authorities stopped them.

Zombie Invasion On Train Leads To Online Complaining

Some netizens have taken online to denounce the stunt, claiming that the students chose a poor time to get on the train and scare people. Despite the reports saying the zombies scared the passengers, the photos paint a different scene. Some of the passengers in the photos look happy. At the same time, the authorities were completely unamused by the whole stunt.

The Wuhan city train authorities put out a statement saying that if such stunts impede and interfere with the operation of the train, offenders will have to deal with officials. iFeng.com also reports that officials said that these kind of passengers, who disturb the peace, are unwelcome on the city’s train.

游戏乱入现实 武汉30名”丧尸”坐地铁吓哭乘客 [iFeng.com]
30名”丧尸”坐地铁吓坏乘客 网友谴责太惊悚 [CnHan.com via iFeng.com]

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